Fashion Idea

Okay guys, I know there are an untold number of blogs out there. The internet has ceased to be a place mainly for midnight shopping, and more of a place for disjointed ramblings of everyday people. However, something is missing from all the stores that I feel the need to write about. If I ever win the lottery I will probably feel the need to pursue this as a business venture.

This business venture is a store where fashion-minded but busy ladies, not unlike myself, can find all of their basics. I love, love love the ideas I see at American Apparel. Clothes are made right here in America, by a company that offers American wages and health care. Also the clothes stay in the production; You can go back and buy the same red t-shirt again in five years. My best friend once described it as “A wonderland of basics” and ” the biggest crayon box you can crawl inside of.”

However, I rarely shop at AA anymore.  I’m older, I care deeply for my work and “it is the antithesis of respectable office wear.” Besides, I already have the bright blue leggings and I’d like like to pair them with a fitted black dress, or a nice plain khaki skirt and a blue/white pinstripe button-up. Where does a girl go for basics? I usually turn to the Gap, for solid t-shirts, New York & Company for washable slacks, the Loft for a cardigan, Express for jeans, and the Limited for whatever perfectly colored basic they happen to have today….and then feel a pang of remorse seeing that my garment was made in China, Indonesia, Hong Kong or Vietnam. What a waste of fuel! And what were those people paid?

Ladies and gentlemen (who buy clothes for ladies) I propose an all American clothing company that makes ladies neutral basics out of preshrunk machine washable fabrics. We will take aesthetic cues from the subtle genius of Calvin Klein, as well as the figure flattering yet eternally refined cuts of Oscar de la Renta. We will continually offer (a well-fitting machine washable version of) Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress as well as Katharine Hepburn’s crisp button-up.

Pants will come in straight, average and curvy fits….and if you come back in five years, you can buy the same black pants all over again…and not just pants. Simple straightforward button-up shirts, opaque t-shirts (in long, 3/4, and short sleeves, crew and V neck), (the ever elusive) wide strap tank tops, bra-top camisoles, cardigans, basic sweaters, pencil skirts, pleated skirts, shift and wrap dresses will be continually produced in black, chocolate, nutmeg, navy, charcoal, dove, camel, mushroom, khaki, ivory and/or white.

We can start it right here in Cleveland, in one of those empty factories downtown. Be American, buy American.